Print Posted by MJ Schwader on 12/03/2016

Healers Becoming Leaders: Awareness, Acknowledgment, Action

Healers Becoming Leaders: Awareness, Acknowledgment, Action

I’ll admit I’m a political junkie. Growing up, I wanted to go into politics, until I saw the intense scrutiny of the personal lives of those in office. For years I was obsessed with government and how it operated ­– or didn't. I was also in the trenches, fighting against discrimination being written into law, writing letters to officials and op-eds for newspapers. I canvassed voters and drove them to the polls. I was in it to change the world.

And then, like many junkies, I overdosed. Believing that where our thoughts go energy flows, I shut off the television news; I listened to music instead of news radio; I canceled my newspaper subscription. I thought that avoiding the insidiousness of politics would shield me from its consequences. I began to go through life without a clue or a care.

Then this election cycle reared it’s ugly head, and I was facing that addiction once again. This was not a normal election in any sense of the word, and that intrigued me, fascinated me, and eventually informed me that ignorance is not bliss; and lack of awareness and acknowledgment of what is happening in the world does not change bad to good.

The 13 Grandmothers issued a statement this past week. They suggest that the shadow that this election has unleashed is universally orchestrated in order to help us see clearly what we need to face in order to make lasting change. This dark underbelly that has emerged has been there all along, lurking, a sickness of fear that has boiled into polarization and hate. That shadow has to be exposed for all of us to understand its power; and only then can we take action to confront it.

This might be preaching to some of the choir, but what Spirit has been telling me for years is that as healers and lightworkers we MUST become leaders; we can no longer stay small and in hiding. After centuries of living in fear from being different, of feeling persecuted, of hiding from the mainstream, we can no longer afford to remain in that thinking. Yes, high vibration thoughts have an effect. But we have to do more – to speak out loudly, protest in peaceful ways, write articles, send messages to your representatives that speak your truth. We must not only increase our awareness, we must acknowledge that we have the power to change, even if incrementally, and then we must take action.

I’m not suggesting that you vibrate at the frequencies of anger, frustration, grief, or the numerous other low-level energy emotions that keep us stuck in this current shadow paradigm. Rather, experience those emotions, and then move beyond them. When you feel yourself falling, look to your communities, your families, other healers to help pull you back up. Together we can change this shadow to light.

 In the past, I would apologize for taking your time to talk about politics. But no more. Along with news from the community of providers, reviews of movies and books, and fascinating articles about healing, we will be sharing more about current policies that will affect us and the actions that will help turn this tide. The bottom line is we all must become more active, to step out and be the change we want to see in the world. Healers must become leaders, and our first action is to lead that call.

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