Posted by Ronelle Wood on 09/03/2016

How Does Energy Move In Your Body?

How Does Energy Move In Your Body?

Myofascial Release Infographic

When speaking of the energy within and around one’s body, it’s often perceived as something mystical or unrealistic, however the body's energy is as scientific as your muscles, bones and body systems. The energy within your body is directed to move based on your thoughts and feelings, and is carried throughout your body via a web of string connective tissue called fascia (see infographic on the right). Fascia tissue can be thought of as the fiber optics of your body, and are fluid filled fibers that move energy, envelop and isolate muscles, tendons, organs and blood vessels and provide protection and support within the body. Although fascia is everywhere in your body, the blue bands (see infographic on the right) shown above show how fascia joins together in horizontal bands around your body, causing a concentration of energy located in alignment with your seven main chakras, or energy centers.

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