Posted by Francesca Thoman on 02/21/2017

The Treasures Within Your Akashic Records

The Treasures Within Your Akashic Records

What is in the Akashic Records? Everything you have done, learned, felt and experienced. What could be the use of reaching into your Records? Having your Records read is a superlative way to honor the greater being and soul that you are through self-discovery. When they are channeled properly, they are accurate, expansive and intelligent and they love you unconditionally. Your Record Keepers are very individual, because they have been with you since the first instant you existed: they have traveled with you through all of your lives.


Having been a conscious channel for twenty-seven years, I have had a great deal of practice sensing subtle energies clairaudiently and communicating them. I have encountered many persons and beings, from Nikola Tesla and other discarnates to several extraterrestrials: I have always striven for integrity, clarity and honesty. Yet working within the Akashic Records is not channeling: through the Akashic Record Prayer I am permitted to actually enter the energetic Library of your Records, receiving messages directly from your Record Keepers. They are superlative beings of high energy, and I have never experienced communication as clear and accurate as theirs.


Having your Akashic Records read will not only mean discovering things you might not have any other way, it is also an opportunity to meet your Record Keepers, who truly do understand you: why you have been as you have, and what it is like to be your self. 


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