Posted by Dr. Lauri J. Shainsky on 11/05/2016

Of the Cosmos and Earth: Singing Bowl Attunements – $200.00


Of the Cosmos and Earth: Crystal and Tibetan Singing Bowl Attunements

The core column of light of your soul's ecosystem (also referred to in the Vedic tradition as the Sushumna) connects all of our chakras; it can be fed by, among other things, filling with uplifting frequencies of Light and Sound.

 We can attune to the Earthly sounds that are anchored by and come through Tibetan Singing Bowls. This attunement brings us groundedness and a sense of sufficiency -- we have enough of what we need, we are enough.

 We can attune to the heavenly sounds of the Crystal Singing Bowls to connect more deeply with our birth stars, the benevolent intergalactic ones, the planets, the Cosmos. This attunement brings us a sense of belonging to our divinity, our star-nature.

 The resulting attuned symphony of spirit-guided intentional sounds integrates into our cells, our nervous systems, our bodies, our brains, and our karmic & Cosmic levels of self. Old imprints break loose; new templates of wellness, as well as original instructions for our perfect health, vibrate into being. Truly magical.

You can experiment with this by listening to (and joining in to make companion sounds with) my long chakra-doctoring track called Journey Through the Chakrasphere. (click here and press the red and white play button in the upper left corner on the sonagraph of the song). Different bowls, indicated by the spirits, are used for clearing impurities from the different chakras, and filling them with healing light.

You can engage even more deeply in exploration by joining me in a few weeks at my Singing Bowls class.

 No previous experience is required.

 Commute (includes tuition, lunch on Sat. & Sun.): $200

 Stay at Hidden Lake (includes tuition, accommodations, dinner Sat. evening, lunch on Sat. and Sun.): $395

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