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Global Oneness Day

Global Oneness Day

World Wide Web

Start Time
10/24/2016 08:15 am
End Time
10/24/2016 8:45 pm

Global Oneness Day is a day dedicated to celebrating our Oneness with the Divine, each other and all of Life. Similar to Earth Day, which galvanized the global environmental movement; Global Oneness Day has become a catalyst for spiritual activism and the emerging global Oneness ushering a new paradigm.

Oneness represents a profound new shift in humanity’s culture from one of competition to one of cooperation. In the late 1960′s the first photographs of the Earth seen from space powerfully impacted humanity’s perception of the world.

We realized that all life on our beautiful blue planet was deeply connected. This understanding has deepened and expanded as more people recognize that Oneness is Divine and the very essence of our being.

Today Oneness is expressed through many diverse streams – religions, philosophies, ancient/indigenous traditions, and science. These streams are overflowing their banks, commingling, and converging to form a single stream, a universal Oneness movement.

Global Oneness Day is our day to celebrate unity in our diversity, as a community consecrated to serving humanity’s collective awakening.

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