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Healer Power ~ The Healers' Healer


The Healers' Healer  

Where do healers get help? Many healers are stressed and do not take the time to balance their own lives. Some are specialists and have a limited number of tools and don't know of resources nearby. Included under the umbrella of 'healer' are teachers, life coaches, writers, entertainers, psychics, mediums and any other light worker type who is part of creating a better world. AND, if you are not YET a 'healer' - it would be a joyful pleasure to get you on that path  

Healing Sessions  

Divine Light Energy Healing & Crystal Energy Session

• Release Pain/Stress
• Clear/Balance Aura/Chakras
• Release Blockages/Imbalances
• Improve Clarity
• Emotional Balance
• Repair Injury
• Reverse Disease
• Increase Vitality 

Soul Integration & Alignment

      Soul Coaching & Angel Messages  

Specialized designed exercises and sessions to open a dialogue with your soul. Divine Guidance

• Clarify
• Understand
• Confirm
• Heal
• Resolve


• Life Issues
• Finance
• Relationships
• Health
• Career


      Hypnotherapy & NLP  

Sessions for re-patterning limiting behaviors

  • Past Lives
  • Time Line
  • Changing Negative Patterns
  • Healing Relationship Issues
  • Health Issues
  • Soul Journey
  • Addictions
  • Lack of Focus
  • Childhood Abuse
  • Overcoming Depression
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